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The Doellstedt family has a long tradition in the quality meat and sausage making business. Their family proudly built this tradition from a foundation that was started with two generations of Master Butchers in Germany.

Hot Beef Spice Sausages California - Show Boat Brand
Show Boat Brand
Hot Beef Spice Sausages California - Show Boat Brand

In 1982, we saw a need for a premium dinner sausage that combined traditional Southern style sausage making with high quality ingredients. Using that philosophy, Showboat Sausage was born!

Originally marketed to Northern California independent stores, Showboat Sausage quickly became California’s favorite sausage brand..

The Showboat recipe is still a closely guarded secret because our special blend of spices and quality cuts of beef make it a a highly desired, unique, high quality sausage with just the right kick.

Beef Sausages Distributor California - Show Boat Brand